Cantina del Gio

Restrooms Redécor


Post Modern / Classic European / Funcky


Cantina New Green (ref. business card)

as fundamental Color

matches with classic red wood tone

and some golden stokes 

Area: Both Restrooms

Suggested color chips: Dark Bush + Red Earth

Handcraft Construction +  Paintings Fee
20,000 NTD 

Decorative Mirror

Budget Set

7,000 NTD Max.

Area: Small Restroom

Following Styles with below

Decorative Frames with funky Barocco animal graphics

Multiple Sizes and Vintage Style of frames

Total Pieces around 12-15 frames

Area: Big Restroom

Following Styles with below

Budget Set for frames

13,000 NTD Max.


Funky Animal Graphics

12-15 scences

Animal Graphic Making + Printing

10,000 NTD Max.

Following Styles with below

Modern Painting

Black, White and Red Minimalist Female Painting 

Area: Small Restroom

Handcraft Painting

12,000 NTD


Following Styles with below

Total Project


Construction Plan

Protection & Painting Work + Ordering Frames and Mirrors

01/09/ 2023

Graphics making +Printing

01/ 11/ 2023

Project Deadline

Before 01/20/2023